Apple's Walled Garden Is Becoming More & More Tempting

In pursuit of "just works"

For a long time, I’ve advocated for Linux, Android, and “hackable” (meaning “open and customizable”, not “vulnerable”) things in general. The number of hours I’ve spent tinkering with my Emacs configuration or tweaking my Linux setup is probably comparable to the number of hours that I’ve spent getting stuff done with it. But my relationship with tech/software has gradually changed over the last few years, and I find myself less and less willing to spend time optimizing for one less keypress, or troubleshooting highly customized configurations.

I Ran A Marathon On 2020's Windiest Day

In fact, 2018 and 2019's windiest too

I meant to make this post three weeks ago, but I’ve been lazy. Oh, well. In my last post a couple of months ago, I laid out some running goals I had for the near and distant future. The short-term goals were: Run 24 miles on my 24th birthday (September 12th of this year) Run a marathon in October Neither of these goals were meant to be particularly hard to achieve.

Taking Running Seriously Again

Renewing my commitment to suffering

I’ve gotten back to running lately. In this post, I’ll explore my past experiences and figure out where I’m going. The Past Sometime in 2014, probably around April, I was gifted a few pairs of running shoes, and I figured that I should put them to good use. I still vaguely remember my first few runs in those shoes: like countless others, I ran way too fast and felt the consequences.

A History of Releasing Julia Packages

Tagging, releasing, registering... the same, but not

There’s an unfortunate confusion in the Julia community when it comes to making your code available to others in a registry such as General, and it’s mostly due to ambiguity in the relevant terminology. We talk about tagging new versions, making new releases, and registering packages all the time, and no one is ever sure what exactly we mean. Are we pushing a Git tag? Making a GitHub release? Adding a version to the registry?

Escaping $BIG_CORP's Grasp: Part 2

On second thought...

A few weeks ago, I embarked on a quest to stop depending so heavily on so few accounts for my online services. In short, I tried to remove Google from my life. I was mostly successful! But, somewhat unsurprisingly, some things ended up being more trouble than they were worth. More specifically, Nextcloud was a pain in the butt. It had a pretty giant footprint on my little server, it constantly encountered errors when checking for changes, and it just wasn’t that useful to me—I mentioned in the previous post that I don’t really use office software very much, and that hasn’t changed.