Getting Started Is Hard, So Is Getting Restarted

For many things, getting started is the hardest part—take household chores and homework, for example. This is also true for maintaining routines; your first day at the gym is a lot harder to motivate than the 30th. It turns out that this is also the case for getting back into routines, such as writing!

I was having a lot of fun trying to write every day back in August, but then I got busy and fell a few days behind. After a while, I gave up on my goal of a post per day, but I still couldn’t motivate myself to write something, even when I had time. I’m not really sure what it is that makes it so hard, and I’m not even going to explore what it might be in this post. Just like I said in my first post, the most important thing is to write something. So… here’s that something.

No, it’s not anything of substance, but I have to be up in 6 hours to ride a bus from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow or the day after when I get back to Bangkok. Happy Thanksgiving!