A Blog Post Every Day In August

I’ve been thinking a lot about what kind of blog post would make a “good” first blog post. I haven’t really come to any conclusions, and I’m pretty sure that this is some form of analysis paralysis. Therefore, I have decided that there is no better way to bootstrap my website with content than to write one blog post every day during the month of August. I don’t expect the posts to be of great length or even quality, but at this point anything is better than an empty web page.

I’m a big fan of detailed write-ups about fields I’ve never explored before, since they’re a nice reminder that I live in a tiny bubble and there’s so much more depth out there to explore. Some examples include articles about bicycles, garment quality, or toilets. This in turn makes me realize that I know some interesting things too, or at least some things that not that many other people know or have experience with. So this blog is mostly an attempt to get some of that knowledge out in the open. It’ll also serve as a travel diary, venting space, etc.

I’m pretty sure this blog-post-every-day thing is pretty common, in fact a DDG search on the topic yields plenty of results. So maybe I’m not exactly original, but regardless, what I have to say is not identical to what person A had to say, nor to what person B said, and so on. If I’m lucky, there’s at least one thing I can share that someone will find interesting or informative.

And if I fail at even that, these posts will at least ensure to my parents that I’m still alive. Hi, mom and dad!

Edit: If you’re family or friends of my mom (who has graciously offered to share my site), just be aware that plenty of my posts will be about computer programming or other tech-like things that you might not have interest in. The category tech will be used for those posts. The categories diary and travel will probably be what you’re interested in reading.

Edit 2: I got tired of maintaining tags. Find blog-style posts under the “personal” category and tech posts under the “tech” category now.