A History of Releasing Julia Packages

Tagging, releasing, registering... the same, but not

There’s an unfortunate confusion in the Julia community when it comes to making your code available to others in a registry such as General, and it’s mostly due to ambiguity in the relevant terminology. We talk about tagging new versions, making new releases, and registering packages all the time, and no one is ever sure what exactly we mean. Are we pushing a Git tag? Making a GitHub release? Adding a version to the registry?

Building a VCR Clone in 28 Lines of Julia

The Ruby gem VCR is a tool that allows you to “[r]ecord your test suite’s HTTP interactions and replay them during future test runs for fast, deterministic, accurate tests”. It’s really useful for testing things like web API wrappers. It also contains 3,000 lines of code. Let’s use Cassette to build it in Julia with less than 1% of the code! The first example in VCR’s README looks like this: