Chris de Graaf

I’m Chris, a 25 year old Canadian computer science graduate from Winnipeg who lives in Halifax. I work at Beacon Biosignals as an Operations Engineer, where I write Terraform, wrestle with IAM, and write a tiny bit of Julia.

I like spending time outside running/hiking/cycling, playing soccer/volleyball/badminton, listening to post-rock/K-pop/synth-pop/emo/punk music, reading/watching books/movies/television (science fiction and fantasy, mostly), playing Rocket League, and programming, among other things. I write about some of that stuff sometimes, or about my life in general.

Thanks for stopping by!

Find me in these places:

  • GitHub: Where I do all my work (and some of my play)
  • Strava: Where I record my runs, bike rides, and hikes
  • Goodreads: Where I track the books I read
  • Twitch: Where I very occasionally stream myself programming
  • LinkedIn: Where I avoid whenever possible
  • Email: Where I unsubscribe from newsletters