About Me and My Blog

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’m Chris, a computer science student graduating in April (yay!) from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

My main CS-related interest is programming languages (metaprogramming and DSLs, specifically) so you’ll often find me experimenting with some novel language (Rust, Pony, and Idris are closest on my radar at the moment). Eventually, I’d like to do some more formal study on type and category theory.

At work, most of my experience is in software development, but I’ve also had exposure to cloud infrastructure and machine learning research roles. I have professional experience programming in Julia, Elixir, Go, Python, and JavaScript, in roughly descending order of knowledge/interest/enjoyment (Julia and Elixir are by far my favourites).

Outside of school/work, I’m into endurance sports like running and cycling, and in the winter months, skating on the world’s longest naturally-frozen trail. I’ve run a couple of marathons and a 50K trail race, and my lofty goal for 2019-2020 is a 100K.
I also have an interest in education, which is the main reason that this blog exists.

This blog has no specific topic, but you can probably expect most posts to be technical in nature, and falling somewhere around these areas:

Some places that you can find me are:

Thanks for stopping by!
Hopefully you find the content here interesting, educational, or entertaining.